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Publish to Succeed

  • Worldwide distribution
  • Author gets 100% profit
  • Track Sales & Royalties
  • Author decides the book list price
  • Author owns the copyright
  • Author volume discounts
  • Never go out-of-print
  • Free & Guided publishing plans

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Publishing Process

  • Choose a Plan & Provide Book Details
  • Sign Agreement
  • Submit Manuscript
  • Book Composition done
  • Review the composed book
  • Get Your Printed Copies
  • Book Marketing done
  • Monitor Sales & Royalties

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Global Distribution

We help authors in getting their books published through international self-publishing platforms which offer distribution services and make the titles available for buyers in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

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Free & Guided Publishing Plans

Wondering how to self publish a book in india? You can review our publishing plans and choose the plan that best suits your requirements. To get an accurate estimate for existing plans, please provide us with your book details by completing the form on the plans page. You can also create your own custom plan. We only charge for the services you opt for and publishing the book through our print-on-demand self-publishing platform and other international platforms. Inventory management and order fulfillment is our responsibility. In all our guided plans, we do not require the author to purchase a certain minimum number of copies.
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Self-Publish with White Falcon Publishing

White Falcon Publishing, is one of the fastest growing self-publishing companies in India which has built a one of its kind Print-On-Demand Self-Publishing Platform for publishing books. White Falcon Publishing assists authors in self-publishing their books for Global Distribution. We provide free and guided Self-Publishing Plans and 100% Profit Share to authors. Authors can also create Custom Publishing Plans, based on their requirements. We publish fiction, non-fiction, art, science, technology, poetry and regional books. Through collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse print-on-demand providers and book distributors, we make the books available for sale in various countries like USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Australia. In India, the books are sold on major eCommerce platforms such as, Flipkart, Paytm and ShopClues. Books published through our print-on-demand platform never go out-of-print. We provide the authors with the facility to view live sales/royalty reports through our POD platform, hence giving them complete transparency about the whole process. Authors can choose the optimal sale price for their books and estimate the royalty using our Royalty Calculator.

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Print-on-Demand Self-Publishing

Print-on-Demand Self Publishing is a new model for book publishing. In print-on-demand (POD) publishing, new copies of a book are printed as and when the orders comes in or based on demand. Unlike traditional printing technologies in which printing single copies is not economical, POD publishing is enabled by digital printing technologies. POD publishing has several benefits such as lower costs, faster setup as compared to offset printing and no wastage from unsold stock. Authors can avail various Professional Services for making their manuscripts print-ready. Once the work is published, the books are listed on online channels for sale worldwide. Books are then printed as and when the orders are placed on these channels. Hence, neither the author nor the publisher has to take a big risk by making a big investment in bulk printing of books. Where traditional publishers take upto 6-12 months to bring a book into the market, self-publishing model helps authors get their books published in a very short span of few days to weeks. Traditional publishers print the books for maximum 2-4 years seeing the sales and then do away with the book. However, in print-on-demand self-publishing, the book never goes out of print.

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Quality Publishing Services

Guided Self-Publishing

We help you get your works published using international self-publishing platforms. We offer our services for all types of books – Textbooks, Novels, Short stories, Fiction/Non-fiction and Poetry, Articles, Journals compiled into a book

Interior Designing

Our expert team would review your work and provide you with a variety of templates/layouts to choose from. Professional consultation would be associated along with template choice. After mutual consensus, we would format the content layout and enrich it with expert hands.

Cover Designing

Our expert team would review your work and custom design the cover matching the work type. We would provide you with a variety of templates/designs to choose from. Professional consultation would be associated along with template choice. After mutual consensus, we would materialize the draft design for your book.

Copy Editing & Proof Reading

We provide highly professional proofreading and editing services to provide immaculate, error-free content of best quality to the readers. The changes/ errors/typos found are discussed with the author, at his will. A couple of rounds of proofreading and editing service is also offered.

eBook Conversion

We can help you provide with a high-quality e-book. Special care would be taken to choose the format based on your needs.

Author & Book Website Designing

We offer services for author & book website designing. Book websites help in engaging readers by providing supplementary information.

Book Marketing

We offer a wide range of marketing services for books including internet and social media marketing, book reviews, press interviews and media coverage, marketing kits, etc.

Re-composition of out of print books

Authors who lost their books at the hands of their publishers years ago, can revive their precious books with us.

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Become a Best-Selling &
Award-Winning Author

White Falcon Publishing has helped hundreds of authors in publishing their books, many of which are now national bestsellers and award winners. White Falcon Publishing is one of the select book publishing companies in India to be awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification for providing quality publishing services. White Falcon Publishing has achieved this certification for consistently providing quality services which meet customer satisfaction and applicable regulatory requirements. We aim to be one of the best self publishing company in India by consistently providing quality publishing services. Through our ScholarGram and BooksFundr platforms, we offer free book publishing options to authors. Authors who want to avail premium self publishing services can choose one of our affordable publishing plans. Many emerging Indian authors have trusted White Falcon Publishing for transforming their manuscripts into best-selling and award-winning books. Through extensive book-marketing services, we help authors in increasing the visibility of their books on online selling channels, get reviews and become bestsellers.

Publish your Academic and Research Works for Free


ScholarGram is an open and free academic publishing platform developed by White Falcon Publishing. With ScholarGram you can publish your academic and research works such as thesis, dissertations, research papers, project reports, conference proceedings and journals into print and eBooks.

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BooksFundr is India's first crowd-funding platform for books. With BooksFundr, authors can create campaigns for their books and sell pre-orders. The books that meet pre-order goals are published by White Falcon Publishing, without any upfront costs to the author.

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